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Author Topic: How to get your SteamID [2016]  (Read 13776 times)

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How to get your SteamID [2016]
« on: July 19, 2016, 12:36:53 pm »
How to get your SteamID

Sometime in I believe 2015, there was a source engine update which changed the how the "status" command outputs. It use to output everyone in the server's SteamID but now it outputs your Unique ID instead which is another SteamID but not the SteamID we use and would like on your profile when you sign up or when you apply for admin and so on. So just to clear things up, I'm writing a quick 'updated' guide on how to get your SteamID. Hopefully alot of people having trouble will see this and can get their SteamID simply.

There is a few ways of going about this, but let's use the simplest and quickest way: your profile URL. Whether it'd be the numbers or your custom profile url, both will work and is what you want for this process.

My Profile would be steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042391637/ or steamcommunity.com/id/gamingtothemax. You only need the ending identifier for this process.

Now that you've gotten your profile identifier, you're going to want to go to 1 of the 3 sites:

steamrep.com -- This isn't actually specifically meant for the purpose but they have the function, so I'm listing them anyway. Just input either profile identifier and your good to go. You want what's listed as 'SteamID32'.

steamidfinder.com -- Just input either profile identitifer and it'll output the SteamID.

steamid.io -- This appears to be what use to be steamidconverter.com (My personal favorite). Same thing, just input either identifier and your good to go. You want the 'SteamID' from the output list.

After all following all the respective steps, you should now have your SteamID which would look something like this:


This is a unique identifier which is widely used throughout source engine games such as Counter-Strike:Source or Team Fortress 2. Everyone's is different, and some are even shorter than others. The shorter IDs generally (to my knowledge) come from much older accounts. (Probably only accounts made like over 10 years ago. 11-12+) So don't be alarmed if you get a SteamID like 'STEAM_0:0:52891'.  There's even shorter ones but I believe those are pretty much the same guidelines but they are valve staff members... you're probably not one... so :P

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