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« on: June 09, 2016, 08:53:53 pm »
Welcome to the Infinity Community RPG Jailbreak
[Last Updated - 6/23/2016]

Server Rules

          1. Do not shoot the soccer ball.
          2. No spamming, advertising, scripting, racism, or ghosting.
          3. No pornographic sprays.
          4. No vent camping. (This includes armory window, AWP window, and areas resembling them on other maps)
          5. No intentionally suiciding during combat.
          6. No impersonating admins/owners.
          7. No level farming. (Letting players kill you and vice versa)
          8. Do not ask admins for respawns or credits.
          9. No ghosting. (Releasing information about players who are alive while you're dead)

Big Cage Rules

          1. The top of big cage is a knife arena.
          2. If you are able to be knifed from the top of big cage, excluding the ladder, you are on the top of big cage.
          3. Being on the ladder does not count as being on the top of big cage.
          4. A CT is not a freekiller nor is a T a rebel for fighting on the top of big cage.
          5. The top of big cage is a 1v1 arena. Ganging or teaming up isn't allowed.
          6. No shooting on to or off of the top of big cage.

Counter-Terrorist Rules

           General Rules

                    1. Only the warden is allowed to give orders. (Other CTs can still command Ts to drop weapons)
                    2. If the cells aren't open by 7:30 it's a freeday.
                    3. A verbal AFK check/warning of 10 seconds must be given before killing someone suspected of being AFK.
                    4. A warning must be given for a secondary weapon. (i.e. pistols and grenades)
                    5. No freekilling or freeshooting.
                    6. Warning shots are allowed to be given to terrorists with secondary weapons drawn.
          Warden Rules

                    1. No in-cell orders. (Orders given and carried out whilst cells are closed)
                    2. To become the warden you must type !w or !warden.
                    3. Chat commands may not be used.
                    4. If the warden dies, it becomes a freeday until another warden takes over.
                    5. Rules/orders must be given before the cells are open, otherwise it's a freeday.
                    6. The warden cannot appoint himself as the 'only killer'.
                    7. The warden cannot make a terrorist harm/kill themselves.
                    8. Terrorists can only be called 'terrorists' or 'Ts'.
                    9. Rules cannot be given on a freeday.
                    10. Special freedays, such as zombie/panda freedays, are only allowed every 5 rounds

Terrorist Rules

          1. If a terrorist picks up a primary on accident, they have 2 seconds to drop it.
          2. If a terrorist has a primary, or picks it up and points it at a CT, they're a rebel.
          3. If a terrorist fires a weapon, they're a rebel.
          4. If a terrorist attacks/damages a CT, they're a rebel. (This rule is ignored if the CT attacked is baiting)
          5. If a terrorist enters armory, they're a rebel. (Armory starts at the texture change or when the door is able to be blocked)
          6. If a terrorist is found inside of a vent (not including armory window or AWP window) they are a rebel.
          7. If a CT is within a terrorist space (baiting), terrorists are allowed to kill said CT as long as they are within knifing distance.
          8. Terrorists may ask the warden to repeat themselves 2 times.

Warday Rules

          1. A warday may only be given once every 3 rounds.
          2. Terrorists must be given 30 seconds after leaving their cells to get weapons before a warday starts.
          3. If the warden dies, the warday still continues.
          4. CTs must remain in the designated warzone until the warday is revoked/ends.
          5. Wardays may be revoked, but cannot be resumed after being revoked.
          6. After a warday is revoked, it becomes a freeday, and terrorists must be given a chance to get rid of their weapons.
          7. Terrorists must be given the choice to LR during a warday.
          8. Warzones must include a big area.
          9. Wardays/warzones may not be expanded.

Last Request Rules

          1. No unfair LRs, such as creating double standards.
          2. No interference from other players.
          3. 'No redos' is implied, unless stated otherwise, in which case there is a maximum of 2 redos.
          4. If the rules of an LR are broken, the person who broke the rules is allowed to be killed.
          5. The loser of an LR must stand still and let the winner kill them.
          6. CTs must give Ts a fair amount of time to type/say LR rules.
          7. If no rules are given, then no rules apply. (Other than MOTD rules, obviously)
          8. Cheating during an LR will result in the cheater losing the LR.

If there is a rule that is unclear, or that you believe should be added/removed from the MOTD, please post about it on our forums.
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