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Author Topic: Ban Request Format  (Read 12004 times)

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Ban Request Format
« on: June 29, 2016, 08:42:29 pm »
Ban Request Format

Copy & Paste the Format below into your thread and fill it out accordingly. Click 'select' and right click/copy or manually highlight it and right click/copy.
Code: [Select]
Player's name:
Player's SteamID or Profile URL:
Ban Request Reason:
Time of Action (When it took place):
Proof (Video/Screenshot/CSS Demo):
Your In-Game Name:

Please Note:
  • Time of Action doesn't have to be exact and can be a estimate. (Please include your timezone such as PST/EST)
  • A Player's SteamID can be obtained by inputting their Unique ID (input status in console while in-game with the player) or by inputting their Profile URL at steamid.io

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